The Best Wedding Gift - Monogram & Embroidery Etiquette Guide

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The Best Wedding Gift - Monogram & Embroidery Etiquette Guide

Your Guide to Wedding Gift Monogramming

-Monograms make the best wedding gifts!

With so many options to choose from, picking out the perfect wedding gift is no easy feat.  Monogrammed gifts not only make the shopping process easier, they also seem to be a favorite among young couples because they’re timeless and sentimental.

After all, nothing says “you’re special to me” more than a personalized gift that’s made just for you! Now, before you get all excited and start plastering initials everywhere, consider the following guide to wedding gift monogramming.

First off, we’ll start by looking at all the different kinds of monograms that are available to choose from, followed by wedding gift monogramming etiquette to make sure that you end up with the perfect gift.

Types of Monograms:

Personal Monograms

Personal monograms are usually made up of three initials that represent the person’s first, middle and last names, i.e. “James Michael Smith”.

Only two initials are utilized for people that don’t have a middle name, like “James Smith” for example.

Couple Monograms

Creating a monogram for a new couple gets a little more complicated. Monograms are permanent and if you want your gift to be used for years to come, it is important to consider how the couple would like their initials to appear.  If necessary, talk to the couple before making your purchase to make sure you know if the bride is taking her husband’s name, hyphenating her maiden name, or not changing it at all.

Couple monograms are quite special because they allow you to combine the couple’s initials in a number of different ways.

The Traditional Way: This is best for couples that will have the same last name. The monogram starts with the wife’s first name initial, followed by her new last name and then the husband’s first name initial. So, if the couple’s names are Jane and Mike Smith, their monogram would look like this:

The Modern Way:This is best for couples that hyphenate their last names. The monogram will include the hyphen to reflect the combination of the two last names. Jane Brown and Michael Smith will become the Brown-Smith family and their monogram would look like this:

The Unconventional Way: This is best for the bride who keeps her maiden name. An asterix separates the two last names to distinguish it from the hyphenated name. So, the monogram for Jane Brown and Michael Smith would look like this:

The Easy Way:This is best way if you are uncertain about the last name details or just want to keep it simple. This monogram avoids the last name entirely and just uses the couple’s first names.


Same-sex Couples

The Traditional Way: This way combines both last names into one. For example, let’s say the couple’s names are James Allen and Brian Harvey, the monogram would look like this:

The Modern Way:This is the best way for most modern same-sex couples. Just take both first names and combine with a plus sign. So, James Allen and Brian Harvey it would look like:

Custom Monograms

Another option that’s available now when it comes to monograms is that of elegant and intricate letter designs and fonts.  

AtLuxor Linens, we have several monogram fonts for you to choose from, including Block Monogram, Script Monogram, Diamond Monogram, or Circle Monogram.

For couples whose names have up to ten letters or more, we recommend the Block Name or Script Name monograms, i.e. John Smith or John F. Smith.

Luxor Linens also gives you the opportunity to choose the thread color you like for the product that you’re monogramming.

How to choose your monogram color:

Tone-on-tone monogramming makes for understated elegance, which we highly recommend for items like sheets and pillowcases. Choose the thread color to match the color of the item you are monogramming.

If you want your initials to have vibrant colors like Blue, Plum, Gold, Scarlet, Denim, Sage, Merlot, Tangerine and Ballet, then it’s best to give them a white background. This option usually works best for bathrobes and towels.

Lastly, neutral colors like Taupe, Olive, Chrome, Ivory or Chocolate work well when paired with other neutral colors and they’re great for towels and sheet sets.

What Can You Monogram?

These days, you can pretty much monogram anything, including linens, bathrobes, silverware, napkins, fine china etc.

Here atLuxor Linens we offer monogramming services for almost our entire product range including bathrobes, plush towels, linens, pillows and so much more.

How to Add a Monogram Wedding Gifts

Whether you’re a couple that wants to add personalized wedding gifts to your registry or a friend or family member that wants to purchase a monogrammed gift for a loved one who’s about the tie the knot, be sure to take heed of the following tips:

  • If you’ve added personalized items to your registry, place your monogram next to the item prior to including it in your wish list. That way, your guests will know what initials to use when monogramming your gifts.
  • On the other hand, if you’re a friend or family member that wants to give a monogrammed gift that is not included in the couple’s registry, it’s best to give them a heads-up before you include their initials on the item.
  • Keep in mind that personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged. So, if you’re unsure about what the couple’s initials will be after the wedding, keep it simple and use their first names or wait to have the item monogrammed until they tie the knot.

Monogrammed gifts are fun, elegant and special. Order yours from our wide selection at Luxor Linens. We offer monogrammed sheet sets, plush bath towels, luxury robes, towels and more.

Personalize your bed sheets, towels, and robes with our custom embroidery and monogramming services. Embroidered, monogrammed and engraved linens make the best wedding gifts , housewarmings, birthdays, bridal showers and baby gifts

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Jill Barden
Jill Barden

May 08, 2019

I want to have two pillowcases monogrammed for a shower gift. Is it appropriate to have his pillowcase with his monogram in a masculine font and hers in a feminine font?

Jill Barden
Jill Barden

July 27, 2019

I want to have two pillowcases monogrammed for a shower gift. Is it appropriate to have his pillowcase with his monogram in a masculine font and hers in a feminine font?

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