Fall Back into a Sleep Schedule After Labor Day

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Fall Back into a Sleep Schedule After Labor Day

No matter whether if you’re a student, teacher, or just coming back from your yearly Labor Day vacation, it always feels impossible getting back into the swing of things for the Fall. You’re dreading those last few nights after vacation tossing and turning in bed until 3:00 AM and the juice cleanses and kale salads to kick that strictly-carb BBQ diet. All you wish for is a light switch in your brain that kicks you into productivity gear. Okay, that's something we don't have in stock on our website, but these pointers are graspable for sure.


1) Set a Sleep Schedule and Stick to it

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Take it from us here at Luxor Linens. We’ve all been crushing it at the office this Summer, typing away next to mountains of comfortable sheets and pillows. All we want to do is sleep, but that’s because we sleep hard thanks to the cozy sheets we get to try out. We understand the importance of sleep style and getting the right amount. We know your only plan on readjusting was going to bed “early- maybe at midnight or something” after the Labor Day barbeque.

If you’re a parent it’s recommended to establish and enforce a healthy sleep schedule up to two weeks in advance of the first day of school. Parents, don’t get too excited because you’re not off the hook. It’s also a good idea to set an example for your child, teen, or 20-something-year-old-grad-living-at-home by creating your own sleep routine and sticking to it. We’re no doctors (except the bath robe kind), but studies have shown A.D.H.D. symptoms are remarkably similar to inadequate sleep effects. In fact, adolescent A.D.H.D. diagnoses rose22% from 2003 to 2007Professional behavioral health may beway above our pay grade, though it’s safe to say that by procrastinating clock-in time at the dream factory you may be compromising your attentiveness for the next day of work or school.


2) Eating Right

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Between the chaos of calling first dibs on the morning shower and wearing matching shoes on each foot, a wholesome, healthy breakfast may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it’s important to note that diets aren’t just for trimming down pounds for beach season (you did great, by the way). They are equally important to improve focus, athletic performance, and mental health. Artificial sugars only a short burst of energy and are the reason for your mid-day crash so perhaps opt for superfruit like blueberries and natural protein like good ol’ eggs instead of that strudel from a box. For you coffee drinkers, there’s a new groundbreaking trend in town called Bulletproof coffee and it will keep you churning out productivity all day. It’s a combination of cold brew coffee, unsalted butter (yes, butter), and coconut oil. The healthy fat in the butter is slowly absorbed by the body and the effects of caffeine seem more like a marathon instead of a sprint throughout the day.


3) Exercise

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You’re busy and you can’t block out an hour of every day for the gym, and that’s okay! It doesn’t matter whether you run a mile a couple times a week or you basically live on the elliptical machine. What's more important is to set your goals and stick to them rather than the quantity of exercise you can fit into your life. In addition, keep in tune with your body and what you can do to improve activity. Maybe take the stairs from now on, buy a standing desk, or pledge ten pushups every hour. Spending 300 minutes a week doing sweaty stuff sure seems scary, but not if you break it up into shorter 10-minute intervals. Keep in mind that working out isn’t just for weight moderation, but also for blood flow, heart health, and mental performance. So grab some towels and get that blood pumping!


4) Electronics

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Overuse of electronics has been an issue with primarily teens up until now. Most of us are guilty of it when we get in bed at a reasonable hour, but sit in the dark on our sun-bright screens for hours- not that we blame you for browsing Luxor Linens Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook since they’re so beautiful and inviting. 

But how do we control and regulate our patterns back to normal from the Summer of scrolling through Twitter on the beach? For the kids, you could try a token system or an app designed to delegate screen time. For you, aside from simply using technology less, the killer might actually be in your screen brightness. People who have a brighter phone, computer, or tablet screen release a significantly less amount of melatonin and therefore get less sleep. This is problematic because the whole reason you bought those SUPER comfy sheets was to sleep in them. Most devices today have color settings you can adjust so look for blue light reduction toggles or simply an app that will change your screen color to a sepia tone. Turn off that screen, go to bed, and have a constructive morning.

Approaching anything bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is fundamental to your success. Yes, showing up may be half the battle, but the other half still requires (a little) effort. It may not be a walk on the beach, but these few tips are easy enough to start your year, semester, or even just the first week back on the right foot. And to those of you who worked all Summer or go back to school before September, well, Godspeed and bless your heart.

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