The Host with the Most: Throw the Best Spa Party

The Host with the Most: Throw the Best Spa Party

February 22, 2016

One of the best feelings after a long work week is spending a night pampering yourself. Why not take it up a notch and throw a spa party? Soft towels, handmade beauty products, snacks and drinks – I can almost guarantee your girlfriends will come running! A spa party is the perfect way for everyone to just unwind and relax – something that is absolutely necessary in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


Have a table specifically dedicated to pampering. There are so many different recipes for face masks and body scrubs, and having an assortment will give your girlfriends the option of choosing which area of their body they want pamper. A few favorites are

  • A triple coconut body scrub that smells so good you’ll think you’re on a far-off island
  • This rose and chamomile scrub that is beautiful and soothes even the most sensitive skin
  • This foot mask that will not only get you ready for sandals, but uses only 2 ingredients
  • This coffee scrub that will help reduce stretch marks, cellulite and puffy faces


With all the beautiful homemade scrubs and masks, you definitely need the right beauty tools to accompany them. A spa night should definitely include

  • cotton balls/swabs
  • the softest Egyptian Cotton towels
  • organic fresh/dried flowers to display and/or add to beauty treatments


When creating a spa party, elements like music and food are key. I would definitely search for “relaxing instrumental music” on Spotify, or ask your girlfriends what they want to listen to. A great cheese plate is something easy that, if properly executed, will definitely impress your girlfriends. Pair that great cheese plate with a variety of wines, and you will definitely win the “best hostess” award.

What are some of your favorite beauty treatments and spa essentials? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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