How to Bathe and Sleep Better

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How to Bathe and Sleep Better

Everyone enjoys a hot shower after a long, exhausting day at work or play. Standing under a stream of hot water or relaxing in the warmth of a cozy bath are perfect ways to unwind, rejuvenate your body and settle in for the night. Here are a few simple ways you can enhance your bathing experience and pamper yourself with simple things including luxury towels, lavender essentials and monogrammed sheets.

Warm Water Whims

A healthy human body maintains an internal temperature of 98.6° F. The heat that our bodies naturally produce supports the multiple chemical reactions which regulate our blood pressure, keep our hearts pumping and ensure our enzymes are working hard. If you have had a series of rough days opt for a soak in the tub for the night and use a luxury towel as a pillow. Settling into a bathtub filled with warm water will relax your body and help it to recover after a demanding day. You will discover that resting your head on a plush luxury towel gives your mind the ability to unwind; serving as the perfect prelude to a dreamy night’s sleep.

Simple Aroma Therapy

Lavender is the perfect perennial herb that can satisfy both your palette and your body. Traditionally lavender has been used in a wide range of applications ranging from simple fillers in bouquets or wreaths to antibacterial cleaning agents to antiseptic. In ancient Egypt it was believed that a sprinkle of lavender water on one’s head would keep them pure and chaste. Likewise, lavender was spread across luxury sheets for its aromatic abilities to calm and seduce the senses. The beautiful aroma of the lavender plant oozes from the roots of the plant to its tiny flowering tips.

Dropping a few fresh lavender flowers, soap, or oil into your bath water will entice your body to slip away into its most relaxed state. Lavender is believed to cure headaches, panic, and achy joints.

Everyday Pampering

Every day is full of task lists, challenges, and demands. It is so important to take care of yourself so that you can be the best you for yourself and those you love. Try pampering yourself in small ways through the simple everyday things you do on a routine basis. When you step out of your relaxing bath wrap yourself up in the smooth absorption of a luxury towel. Then slide into perfectly soft and welcoming monogrammed sheets that call you by name…literally. Make your everyday routines luxurious and discover that living comfortably does not have to wait for your vacation time; experience everyday affluence through luxury textiles including luxury sheets, bath towels and more.

As you shuffle around getting dressed the next morning try carrying on your new commitment to luxury in everyday routines. While making breakfast and coffee for loved ones do so in cozy comfort. Let the softness of a monogrammed luxury robe sweep you through the morning tasks of getting ready for work, school, or play. Enjoy the soft, lightweight warmth as you do your makeup or shave.

You are special and everything you do matters. Cultivate a simple sense of luxury in your everyday life at home and discover that relaxation does not have to only come during your vacation time but can come every night, with every bath or shower, and carried into a rejuvenating night’s sleep in luxury sheets.

Remember that bathing differently and sleeping better is a commitment we must all consciously choose.

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