How To Care for Luxury Bedding

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How To Care for Luxury Bedding

Just like any other investment for your home, high-quality bedding needs to be treated with a little more TLC than the average sheet set. Taking the proper steps in washing, drying and storing your bed linens are ensuring a longer lifespan. Plus, sheets that are properly cared for help you get a better night’s sleep – and who doesn’t love that?




When you’re washing your sheets and duvets, make sure to wash them separately! If you mix them with your clothes that have buttons and zippers, you’re risking the fabric of your sheets snagging onto them. Play it safe.

If there’s some serious stain power on your sheets, fear not. Dab the stain with natural/organic cleaning solutions. If that doesn’t work, leave it to the pros. They’ll get the job done.

*Also, if you wear makeup then you should make it a point to wipe it off before you sleep. Certain makeup can rub off of the face and onto your sheets, and that’s definitely not a fun time.


You should really reference the label when it comes to drying your sheets. A trick that my mom taught me was to dry until they’re just about done, and then leave them to air dry – this method helps prevent wrinkles!

While we’re on the subject of wrinkles, shaking your sheets before dry-hanging also minimizes lines and creases. But if you’re drying your sheets in the sun, be careful! Prolonged exposure might fade the color.


There’s no doubt that ironing will improve the look of your sheets – what it comes down to is temperature. Linens that are prone to wrinkles need a really hot setting, while cotton does fine with a warm to hot setting. And let’s not forget silk, that requires the lowest heat setting out of all.

If you have special monogrammed sheets or embroidery, flip the sheets and iron them on the reverse side. You’ll keep the detailing of your sheets safe, while removing any wrinkles.

Luxor Luxury Tip: Spray a little scented linen water onto your sheets! It adds a nice touch for you before you sleep, or for your guests that are spending the night.


The best storage for sheets is away from direct sunlight, folded and flat. Don’t store your sheets in an air-tight container, because they need to breathe. Sometimes your sheets will retain moisture and smell a little weird if you don’t keep them in an open space. Also, be on the look out for holes – this might be an indicator of bed bugs or moths. I know, ew.

If you have any other questions or concerns about caring for your luxury linens, feel free to leave a comment below!

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