Sleep Better Today

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Sleep Better Today

We spend a third of our lives asleep. Or ideally, we should spend a third of our lives sleeping. However, between work, kids, social obligations, and everything ever put on Youtube, it can be nearly impossible to get the type of rest you need on a daily basis. So here are some proven tips and tricks to help you sleep better and feel amazing.



Electronics Free Zone:

Make it a habit a full hour before bed to turn off all electronics. Cell phones, t.v., computers, tablets literally anything with a blue led light.

Why? We’re trying to create the perfect sleep conditions and that starts with turning off your brain and resting your eyes. You’ve probably spent all day staring at that email from Jan in accounting and liking pictures on Instagram. Eye and mental fatigue are major sleep inhibitors. You need time to relax and decompress after so many hours on Youtube. Keeping the hour before bed clear of any electronic distractions primes your body and mind for sleep. Which in turn means you will fall asleep faster and have a deeper and more complete sleep cycle.

Optimize Your Space:

Is your room too hot? Perhaps it's too cold. Whatever the problem is, just like Goldilocks, the wrong conditions for sleeping can be hazardous to your health. Find your version of perfection and embrace it. Generally speaking, a slightly cool, dark, and quiet room with good airflow will be just right for you.

However, there’s no shame in needing a noise machine, blackout curtains, an eye mask, no socks, and the chair in the corner angled at exactly 45 degrees away from the door in order to get a perfect night's sleep.

Create A Routine:

Anyone with kids will tell you that a good bedtime routine is the pinnacle of a good night and the foundation of a great day. As grownups, we often hate the word “routine”. Routines are boring and stifling. Dave in H.R. has eaten the same thing every day for lunch for the past two years. How is that something to strive for? Well, we are here to tell you-you've got it all wrong!

A grownup bedtime routine is the ultimate sign of self-love. Consistency not rigidity is the name of the game. Your routine is unique to you. A warm shower, herbal tea, and a good book might be your key to bedtime bliss. The whole point of a routine is to train your body to expect sleep at a certain time so that even when the conditions aren’t perfect, you’ll at least have no trouble falling asleep and waking up no matter where in the world you are.



Invest In Some New Equipment: long ago did you buy that mattress? Can you even remember? Here’s a simple test. If the last time you bought a new mattress, smartphones hadn’t yet been invented its time for an upgrade. Broken, uneven mattresses will knock your body out of alignment and lead to pain and discomfort all day long. Not only is an old saggy mattress bad for your back, but it’s also bad for your health! Unless you’ve figured out a way to clean 10+ years of dead skin cells, dust, bodily fluids, and germs from between layers of latex and foam padding you're literally sleeping on your own filth.

There are more options for mattresses on the market today then there have ever been. From deluxe mattress removal and box spring set up, to a bed in a box that comes in the mail. Your just a day away from the best night of sleep you’ve had since before you knew what GPS was.

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kate Borwnell
kate Borwnell

July 02, 2019

Some valuable information shared here for taking proper night sleep. in today’s lie, we are very busy with our electronic gadgets and work pressure and as a result, we are irregular for taking night sleep. This has a very bad effect on our health. As a doctor, I always suggest to my patients to take proper night sleep on a regular basis and also to avoid the use of mobile phones during sleep. Besides this, I also suggest using CPAP masks for side sleepers to the patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. Use of this mask them proper and complete sleep at night and help to maintain a healthy life.

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