5 Secrets to Washing Luxury Towels

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5 Secrets to Washing Luxury Towels

Egyptian cotton is a strong, all natural fiber. Known for centuries as the King of Cotton it is ideal for creating custom textiles for the home, yachts or boats, offices and more. As one of the most durable and absorbent fibers in the world it is no wonder that Egyptian cotton is used to make luxury towels that are long-lasting and easy to maintain. It is hypoallergenic, stronger when wet and extremely resistant to bacteria. Here are five ways you can keep your Egyptian cotton towels around for up to ten years.

Choose the Right Blend

As you shop for affordable luxury towels it is important to choose the right blend of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is considered extra-long staple cotton. Its longer fibers enable luxury towel manufactures to stretch the strands easily without compromising the integrity of the cotton strands themselves. To ensure your choice in Egyptian cotton towelsis wise look for certain labels which certify that the cotton used to make the towels is truly Egyptian.

Soak Your Towels

Manufactures always aim to deliver the best performing luxury towels available to consumers. Thus often part of the ending production process for luxury towels involves finishing the towels with an anti-microbial finish or softener. This finishing prevents absorption and causes unnecessary stress to the fibers. Prior to using or washing your towels remove the finishing from your towels. To remove this finishing simply soak your towels in warm water for up to ten minutes depending on the thickness of your towels.

Wash Before Using

After you soak your towels it is recommended that you wash your towels. Avoid using soap during your first wash to ensure the finishing continues to break down. Using soap may cause a chemical reaction which may have the adverse effect on removing the finishing applied by manufactures during the final phases of production.


Always Tumble Dry

Tumble drying Egyptian cotton towels is generally recommended after each wash. By tumble drying your luxury towelsyou promote and refresh the cotton strands and fibers thus reestablishing the natural absorption and softness of the fibers themselves. Using a low-heat tumble dry cycle or a gentle tumble drying cycle is best.

Read the Labels

Most luxury towels come with care and maintenance instructions which can be found on the labels. If ever in doubt read the labels to determine recommended care and laundering instructions for your towels. Often labels detail the type of soap that will maintain the color of the towels as well as other care and washing practices that protect the strands and yarn properties used to make your Egyptian cotton luxury towels.

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