How to Create Guest Room Envy

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How to Create Guest Room Envy

We’ve all been there. You are staying with a friend or family member and they escort you to the guest room. GASP. The blanket is thin, the towels are rough, the bed is old and creaky, and the sheets…. don’t even get us started on the sheets.

As a host(ess) you want your guests to feel as comfortable and at home as possible. So how do you do it? It’s time to create some guest room envy.

Step 1: The Sheets

To ensure your guests crawl into bed and sleep like a baby you need Luxor Linens Valenza 800TC Natural Tencel Sheets. These sheets offer a luxurious experience your guests wont soon forget. With 800 thread count these sheets are ultra soft and unforgettably comfortable.

Step 2: The Blanket

Give your guests the perfect, snuggly option with our Giovanni Faux Mink Throw. But make sure you take an inventory when they’re packing, this blanket is so soft and warm, it may find its way in your guest’s suitcase “by accident”.

Step 3: The Towels

Handing your guest a dingy set of unmatched towels is simply not going to fly. You need our Valentino Hotel Collection Egyptian Cotton Towels. These towels come in a variety of sizes including hand towels, bath towels, and even wash cloths, to suit all your needs. The collection is hotel quality, meaning your guests will feel as though they are staying 5-star.

Step 4: The Robes

To create the full luxury hotel experience, our Falcone 100% Cotton Robes are a necessity. Allow your guest to kick back and feel like the king and queen they are, while wrapped in our silky soft cotton robes.

Luxor makes creating an amazing guest room easy. The only issue? Your guests may never want to leave…

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