Why You Should Sleep on Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

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bamboo memory foam pillow

In our day and age a lot of people struggle to get a comfortable night’s sleep, whether it’s due to stress, anxiety, work pressures or lifestyle factors. Aside from making a few meaningful lifestyle changes to alleviate the problem, it might be a good idea to look into the type of pillow that you’re using.

A lot of people are turning to bamboo memory foam pillows to get rid of their sleeping problems and for good reason.

Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are designed to offer you a truly restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Not only do they contain memory foam technology that conforms to the shape of your head and neck, but they’re suitable for everyone, whether you sleep on your side, back or front.

However, what most people love about bamboo memory foam pillowsis that they always bounce back after every night of restful sleep. This means that when you return in the evening again, it’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a brand-new luxury pillow.

How is the Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Made?

Bamboo memory foam pillows feature a bamboo casing with memory foam filling. Now, the filling is actually what enables the pillow to conform to your neck and head when you go to sleep at night, and it’s able to retain a perfect shape to provide the best possible support when you need it most.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow BenefitsBenefits of Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy from sleeping on a bamboo memory foam pillow:

1) Back and Neck alignment

Instead of constricting the throat area, the bamboo pillow opens it up so that your neck is not working throughout the night. That way, you won’t have to worry about waking up with a stiff or painful neck ever again. 

Bamboo pillows are also designed to keep you supported no matter what sleeping position you assume throughout the night. With an aligned spine, you’ll be able to enjoy a much better quality of sleep and wake up thoroughly energized the morning after.

2) Sustainability

The bamboo trees that these pillows are made from grow quickly and sustainably. Even the processing part is very economical and utilises significantly fewer resources than the manufacture of synthetic based pillows.  So your purchase doesn’t come at the expense of the environment in any way.

 3) Antimicrobial

Bamboo is naturally microbial, which means that it keeps away nasty bacteria so that they don’t get into your nose, eyes and mouth as you sleep. Research shows that the pillow’s antimicrobial properties are due to bamboo’s lignin-rich fibers that work to repel bacteria so that they don’t even adhere to the pillow’s surface. 

 4) Hypoallergenic

Bamboo pillows are naturally delicate and much gentler when compared to other materials, and they experience very little chemical exposure during the manufacturing process as well.

You’ll also be glad to know that the bamboo material stays cool throughout the night due to its high moisture absorption rate.

And since it’s naturally lightweight and moisture wicking as well, it keeps your temperature well-balanced as you sleep. 

Get Yours Today

Do you suffer from poor sleep? Have you been struggling to find a comfortable pillow that won’t leave you with a stiff neck in the morning? Consider purchasing a bamboo memory foam pillowfrom Luxor Linens.

Not only does this pillow adhere to your unique head shape and size, but it conforms to whatever sleeping position you’re in so that you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep.  Plus, you can travel with it and wake up feeling rejuvenated no matter where you are.

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