Luxor’s Guide for Choosing the Best Bed Sheets for a Great Night’s Sleep

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Luxor’s Guide for Choosing the Best Bed Sheets for a Great Night’s Sleep

We’re talking about a third of your life here - don’t get skimpy

We understand that it doesn’t “feel” like a lot is going on while you’re asleep, but there’s actually plenty happening while you’re at rest. Your body takes this time and maximizes operations for healing, digestion, and recharging you for the next day. You are still an active participant while at rest as your body begins its regeneration operations. Just being there isn’t enough, however. You need proper tools for the job of a great night’s sleep, too. Those tools include your bed, pillows, the white noise machine on your nightstand, and yes – your bedsheets.

Your first investment in a great night’s sleep is usually a good mattress, and there’s little argument about the price, even though it’s the most expensive component. You research the latest brands and reviews, take a few test drives at the local retailer, and ask about guarantees. Why not? We’re talking up to and well over a thousand dollars here.

The next quest is for the perfect pillow, so you set off on a campaign of squeezing and squishing to find that ideal cloud to rest your head upon. Then it all gets pulled together by a bed frame. All that’s left is “dressing your bed,” and your bed sheets are as important as everything else when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep.

If your bed is “Instagram ready” for style, but you still find yourself tossing and turning, there isn’t an aromatherapy or white noise device out there that will compensate for sheets that are interrupting your sleep. Let’s explore why first, then we’ve got a guide for choosing the best sheets for a great night’s sleep to follow.

Scientifically speaking

Yes, there is a bit of science when we talk about bed sheets. The most significant interruption of sleep is a change in body temperature, and there is a reason for that. While you are sleeping, your body expels heat and decreases your temperature to protect your organs. When heat is trapped and surrounding your body, it becomes instantly uncomfortable, and your arms flop the sheets away. Then you get chilled and pull them back up, only to repeat the cycle later. Does that sound familiar? It’s most likely because of your bedsheets!

Long ago, bed sheets were made of cool, crisp cotton, and wrinkled easily. Today it’s not that big of a deal, but back then, women ironed sheets to make the perfect bed. Can you imagine the time that took? Fast forward to the introduction of synthetic fibers like polyester and rayon. These synthetic fibers blended with the cotton to create a more durable sheet with a softer feel and little to no wrinkles right out of the wash! To the housewives in America, this was revolutionary. What was unknown at the time, was that this fantastic convenience was at the detriment of a great night’s sleep.

Synthetic fibers do not breathe the same way that natural fibers do on our bedsheets. Body heat is trapped, unable to escape through the threads, and encapsulates your body. Then because the body cannot lower temperature on its own, it interrupts your sleep to make immediate changes. For many, this is what causes bedtime sweating and discomfort, leaving you to toss and turn through the night instead of enjoying a great night’s sleep.

Guide to choosing the best bed sheets for a great night’s sleep

If you haven’t guessed yet, your great night’s sleep is all dependent on the fabric you select, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of selection. Just like you did with shopping for a mattress, being an educated consumer will help you choose the best bed sheets for your great night’s sleep. As you read each description of thread and weave, think of your own preferences.

It all boils down to different kinds of threads and how they weave together to make a bed sheet that suits your preference. Now that you know about synthetics, we will focus on natural fabrics. Cotton is the most popular for top performance. Widely known for its strength, cotton is also breathable, absorbent, and soft to touch. Those attributes allow air to pass through the fabric to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, offering a great night’s sleep all year round. Cotton has different varieties, and there are also some other natural threads gaining in popularity in luxury sheet collections.

Selecting a thread type

Thread is the fiber that is woven to make the fabric for your sheets. Each thread has distinctive fiber qualities that contribute to the feel and touch for a great night’s sleep.


Cottonsheets are the most popular of natural fibers. Regular cotton sheets are the most economical and the most durable. Organic cotton varieties are grown free from pesticide use, which is reported to affect those with anxiety. This makes organic cotton a perfect alternative.

Egyptian cotton  sheets have long and supple fibers that make a beautifully soft and breathable sheet for a great night’s sleep. Pima or Peruvian cotton sheets are very long fibers like Egyptian cotton sheets. The main difference is that the thread comes exclusively from Peru.

Other thread fibers:

Newer threads have made it to the luxury sheet market and are loved for their absorbency and softness. Bamboo  sheets are eco-friendly, cool to touch, and hypoallergenic in addition to being incredibly soft. Bamboo is often blended with another thread, such as cotton, weaving together strength and this incredible softness.

Eucalyptus  sheets are another eco-friendly and sustainable option that is known for its soft wrinkle resistance and antibacterial qualities.

Weaving creates your desired texture

The other detail that helps you choose the best sheets for a great night’s sleep is how the threads weave together to create the fabric.

Percale is achieved by an over-under weave method that creates a fresh crisp feeling sheet, long-favored on warm summer nights.

For those who prefer soft and smooth sheets like satin but with the qualities of cotton, choose a sateen weave, where more threads are over the top of the weave to create that smooth feeling.

Take your knowledge and start your search

With this new knowledge in your pocket, you are now ready to begin exploring the Luxor Linens bed sheet collection for the perfect option for a great night’s sleep. Don’t forget to check the Clearance  link to take advantage of incredible savings as we cycle in new inventory. You’ll thank yourself later as you find that being so well rested has a wonderful and positive domino effect on the rest of your life.

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