Best Towels: Buyers Guide for 2020

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Best Towels: Buyers Guide for 2020

Have you ever been in a nice hotel or visited someone’s home and noticed how incredible their towels were? Sounds silly…it’s just a towel, isn’t it? But the truth is, not every towel is the same. There is nothing like coming out of a hot shower, you know, one of those showers where you could have just stood there for 10 more minutes just to soak up some more hot water, and then getting wrapped in a soft, thick towel (extra points for those that smell good!)

You may be wondering, “How in the world do I distinguish a good towel from the others?” There is a little bit of information to gather before buying your towels. As silly as it may sound, it’s worth the money and time to invest in high quality towels. Do you really want to consistently spend money on towels that fall apart? Wouldn’t you rather have towels that last you time after time? We’ve got a little bit of information that can help you find the best towel the next time you’re in need.

  • Know your material

Say it with me- not all towels are created equal. That’s a fact. Why, you ask? Because, every towel is made out of different material and it’s really up to you to decide what you prefer. While one person may think one material is the greatest ever, you may think not so much. Here are the different types of cotton options:

Supima Cotton: To get to the point, this is your “cashmere” of cotton. This is one of the softest towels you will find. The towel is made from 100% American Pima cotton. Supima is a U.S alternative of Egyptian cotton that’s made from extra-long cotton fibers. This creates the strength in the towel and a softness like no other.

Turkish Cotton: If you love a good, comfortable towel, you will love Turkish cotton towels. This is your plushy towel that will dry you off in a jiffy. The more you wash the towel, the fluffier it will become. The cotton defines itself. It’s grown in Turkey and the long staple cotton fibers are what creates its luxurious soft sensation that is durable and absorbent.

Micro-Cotton: If you are searching for towels that will last a lifetime, micro-cotton towels are for you. The long fibers are woven into super long loops that create that spa-like feeling. Sometimes, you can tell the difference between this towel and others just by looking.

Egyptian Cotton: Last, but certainly not least, we have the King of all cottons. We say King because you will feel like a true royalty after wrapping yourself up in an Egyptian cotton towel. If you want a towel that is of superior quality, this is it. Egyptian cotton towels are incredibly soft and luxurious and can absorb nearly anything! They are also extremely durable, so they will last you years to come thanks to its extra-long, silky fibers.  

  • Pay attention to weight


Okay, now you may think this is really silly because who knew towels had a weight? Trust me, you will thank me later for introducing you to this fun fact.


Towels really do have a weight and it’s identified by GSM (grams per square meter.) essentially, the GSM is the measurement of how much cotton is used, or the density of the towel. This is why some of those low quality towels are light, and don’t really do their job to absorb water and keep you warm and cozy.


  • When looking at the GSM number, know that as long as you are in the 500g-800g range, you have yourself an exceptional towel. If you are aiming for that luxury, spa-sensation, 800g will be your go to. Consider Colors


Lastly, we have the colors. As you may know, towels come in all kinds of colors, which is great because you have more options to choose from for your bathroom.


  • Enhance Your Design


Decorating a bathroom is the fun part and your towels are the best addition! They are the cherry on top of the cake. If your bathroom has a certain design that may be a bit bold, stick to a monochromatic look that will match the room’s color. A plain color towel will be fine. If your bathroom is a bit on the plainer side and could use some definition, a bright-colored or even patterned towel is a great way to spruce up your décor!

What Not to Do When Buying a Towel

Now that you know how to search for that perfect towel, its important to identify what not to do when looking.

  • Don’t Rely on Touch


Naturally, when we are shopping for towels, we pick it up, hold it, and run our fingers over it to get a good feel. While some people can tell a high quality towel from a low quality towel, this is not true for most people. Shocking, right? The reason why you don’t want to rely on touch is because you can easily be fooled. A towel that feels soft and plushy can be washed a handful of times and fall apart. A high quality towel will get fluffier and remain absorbent the more they are used. Do you want to buy a towel that quickly falls apart or do you want one that lasts?


  • It’s Not About Price


While your luxury towels are usually more expensive than most, this is not how you should determine high quality towels from the others. Anyone can stick a price tag on a towel. Without looking at the weight and material of the towel, you can easily be fooled by price.


Let’s say it again: all towels are not created equal. Now, you know why. When choosing your next luxury towel, use this simple guide and do not rely on touch or price.


At Luxor Linens, we understand the importance of a high quality towel, and we want to provide you with a perfect soft, durable and luxurious option for your bathroom. The guests in your home, your family and friends will thank you for the best towels they have ever used!

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