Hit the Sack – A Guide to Luxury Sheets

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Hit the Sack – A Guide to Luxury Sheets

Adults require a minimum of eight hours of sleep daily. Teenagers need nine hours and infants need sixteen.

Sleep is a requirement for everyone, no matter what age you are. So shouldn’t it be the best sleep you can get?

If you’ve never slept on or owned a set of luxury sheets you might want to consider it. Why?

Here’s some great reasons to upgrade your sleep and feel the difference of luxury.

1. Yearly Savings

Luxury sheet sets can last for up to fifteen years! Although the initial cost of a beautifully woven
Egyptian cotton sheet set is heavy, you won’t need to replace them for many years to come, unlike standard sheets that can wear out in less than one year. Egyptian cotton is durable, exceptionally soft and naturally absorbent. Every strand is stronger than other cotton fibers and easily woven into refined and lasting luxury.

2. Lasting Quality

Another reason to choose luxury sheets for daily comfort is their innate ability to withstand laundering
and washing. Luxury sheet sets sleep warm and cozy while maintaining their integrity. Egyptian cotton
sheets do not become linty or develop lint balls after excessive use.

3. Enduring Style

Egyptian cotton sheets sets often come in vibrant and deep colors. These colors are true and perfect for
complimenting or completing your bedding ensemble. Luxury sheet sets rarely experience fading when
properly maintained and will continue to be beautiful and like new for many years to come.

4. Aged to Perfection

As a general rule luxury sheet sets are age to perfection. As the extra-long staples of Egyptian cotton
breaks down over time you will notice them to grow softer. Often these sheet sets are the softest and
most vibrant sheet sets in your linens closet well beyond their years

5. Everyday Comfort

After a long day of work or a demanding work out it is a wonderful treat to sleep in a bed that is
comfortable and accommodating. Luxury sheets are perfect for satisfying an array of sleepers. For
warmer and humid climates thread counts of 400 are ideal. For those whom prefer colder sleeping
environments higher thread counts are recommended. Luxury sheet sets not only come in vibrant colors
but are ideal for appeasing all sleeping preferences.

6. Healthy Living

Sleep is an essential habit that every human body needs and craves after a hard day of work or play.
Luxury sheets not only feel wonderful but they also play a role in promoting comfortable and deep
sleep. With an adequate amount of sleep and rest you can avoid memory problems, depression,
exhaustion, weakening immune system functioning and more. A good night’s sleep ensures you are
energized and resilient throughout your day.

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