How Luxury Sheets Can Actually Give You The Perfect Night's Sleep

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How Luxury Sheets Can Actually Give You The Perfect Night's Sleep

A third of our lives happen here

Here, meaning in bed. We spend (or should be spending) a third of our lives asleep, healing and recharging for the next day. To go to work for a third of our day, we invest in quality clothing. For meals we eat nutritious food and have quality gadgetry for our entertainment. Why not make the same thoughtful and complete investment in getting the perfect night’s sleep?

The first investment is in a mattress. You do research, go and bounce on one in-person or if you are brave enough to make an online purchase, you get one with a guarantee that you will love it. What may surprise you is that in addition to your mattress, choosing luxury sheets for your bed can produce a significant result in the quality and quantity of your sleep. That tossing and turning, hot/cold, cool/dry effect are from your sheets, and no matter how fantastic your mattress is, luxury sheets are the final touch that is often overlooked when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep.

To remedy your restless slumber you have have already tried tactics like aromatherapy, sleep-inducing apps, white noise, redecorating your space, and changing your diet. Despite the best efforts, you are still tossing and turning. The idea of purchasing luxury sheets may not be as much of an indulgence as a necessity if you weigh high value on a good night of sound sleeping.

The physical science of it all

One of the most distracting interruptions of those restless sleepers is the temperature. They complain of being too hot or too cold – or both. They may have trouble regulating their body temperature and missing out on a perfect night of sleep. As our body is regulating its internal temperature, it decreases the temperature and expels heat as we sleep, the slightest shift feels insanely drastic. Synthetic sheets (often with polyester blends) do not breathe as well as natural fibers, so that heat becomes trapped, overriding our body’s natural efforts to protect vital organs as the body tries to expel the heat. The trapped heat raises our body temperature, causing sweat and discomfort, definitely dissuading from the perfect night’s sleep.

Some say that people who suffer from anxiety might experience heightened sensitivity because of toxic materials like pesticides in the plants used to make the sheets. If you have similar concerns, then look for organic sheet fabric, which has no pesticides at all. Natural, luxury sheets could give you the perfect night’s sleep you’ve wished for.


Choosing the perfect fabric for you

There is no single fabric that is perfect across the board for the perfect night’s sleep, so much depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Resist the urge for synthetic materials if you find yourself getting too hot at night. They usually aren’t on the list of luxury sheets at all. The softness of satin and other polyester blends is tempting and cool to the touch at first, but a few hours beneath the sheets will quickly trap air and make you feel overheated.

Natural fabrics make a better choice for luxury sheets that will keep you comfortable all night long for the perfect night’s sleep. Cotton is the original performance fabric for its durability. At the same time, cotton is breathable, soft, and absorbent. Regulating body temperature and wicking away moisture allowing air to pass through means you’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, enjoying a perfect night’s sleep all year long.

Thread Type

Thread refers to the material that gets woven into your luxury sheets. Each thread has unique fiber qualities to contribute to the perfect night’s sleep.


Regular cottonluxury sheets cost less than the longer fiber varieties of Egyptian or Pima and not as durable, but still makes for a perfect night’s sleep. Organic cottonvarieties are grown free from pesticides.

Egyptian cotton: 

This thread is highly favored in luxury sheets. The Egyptian cottonvariety has long, supple fibers to create a soft and breathable fabric.

Pima or Peruvian cotton:

This cotton thread is long with quality similar to what you find with Egyptian cotton luxury sheets. The critical difference is that the thread comes from Peru.

Silk, modal, and bamboo

These all-natural fiber threads are known for softness and absorbency. A more economic variety of luxury sheets is to pair bamboo with another thread, such as cotton. They are known for their strength and softness.

Weave Method

The weave method refers to the way that the threads come together to create your luxury sheets, another significant factor of your perfect night’s sleep.


Percale sheets are synonymous with that crisp sensation we feel with luxury sheets, particularly appreciated on warm summer nights. A traditional over-under method is used, making these classics.


Think smooth like satin but natural like cotton. If you prefer soft over crisp, sateen luxury sheets are just what you’re looking for being luxuriously soft and smooth. In a sateen weave, more threads are over the top of the weave, creating that smoothness you seek in these luxury sheets.

Don’t fall for thread count claims

Higher thread count doesn’t guarantee better quality or a pure luxury sheet. Thread counts greater than 500 are often a blend of threads woven together. Some of these higher thread counts use synthetic finishes that eventually dissipate. If you ever purchased an insanely high thread count at a discount and noticed that it just doesn’t feel the same this year as it did when you first bought it, now you know.

So now you know – and it’s time to explore

Congratulations! You’ve now done some research into your investment, luxury sheets to give you the perfect night’s sleep. Which qualities did we describe that appealed to you? Your next step is to browse the luxury sheetscollection here at Luxor Linens. You’ll find the finest quality luxury sheets to suit any need or desire for the perfect night’s sleep.

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