Holiday Hosting Essentials

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Holiday Hosting Essentials

How To Prepare The Second Most Important Pantry In The House

There is more to the holidays than incessant sales. First and foremost family and friends are at the heart of why we love to get together and celebrate. Whether you are a first-time holiday host or a seasoned holiday warrior, we’ll help make sure your home is up for the challenge.


Did you know that the average hotel guest uses 3-4 sets of towels during their week-long stay? That means at minimum your guests are going through 3 towels, 3 hand towels, and 3 washcloths. Most women tend to use double that if they use a separate towel for their hair.

What does that mean for you as the designated holiday host? It means you will be doing way more loads laundry than your used to and you will need way more towels than you thought you did.

Most homes don’t come with enough towel racks to ensure that everyone's towel is properly and thoroughly dried each day. So to prevent mildew on your towels and ensure happy guests plan to provide a new set of towels to each guest every 3 or so days. Even if you can convince your guests to cut down on their personal towel usage you should still change the hand towels in all of your bathrooms at least once a day.

Sheets For Days

We know you love your friends and family. We also know you love your sheets. If only your guests loved your sheets as much as you did. Along with plenty of extra towels we recommend stocking up on copious amounts of extra linen. From sheets and pillowcases to blankets and even duvets. We’ve all been there. You get to your hosts' home only to find out that there are no fitted sheets to cover the spare mattress. Make sure you prepared with at least one sheet set per bed including pillowcases. If you’ve got lots of younger children staying we definitely recommend 2 sets of sheets per bed.

Brrrr... It’s Cold In Here

Nothing is worse than fighting at the end of the night over who gets the last duvet. No one wants to spend the entire night shivering or have to remember to bring their own blankets from home because you never have enough.

Stock up on duvets and blankets to ensure a warm and restful nights sleep for all your guests. We recommend some simple and sturdy blankets that won’t suffer from sitting in the closet most of the year collecting a dust. You also need something that can be thrown into the wash without any delicate handling required.

Pillow Forts Are Fun

We love a good pillow fort. Pillow forts keep kids entertained and all those extra pillows mean mom and dad won’t have a stiff neck in the morning. While you may personally enjoy a nice down pillow. We suggest stocking your closet with pillows made from some sturdier stuff. Memory foam pillows can be vacuum packed away and will maintain their shape from year to year with minimal maintenance or worry on your part.


The holidays are stressful enough. Don't let a linen disaster add to it. 

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