Get Inspired by City Living

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Get Inspired by City Living

Living in the city can be glamorous: lavish dinners, martinis, and elegant style to boot. But cities can also mean tight living spaces. In order to maximize your living space, and achieve true urban sophistication, you need to arm yourself with the right tools. Take a page out of Audrey Hepburn’s book and embrace the glitz. You need lush, silky smooth sheets, and the softest throws around, you deserve city living at its finest. Below are our suggestions for achieving true city luxury.

#1 Accessorize

Everyone knows accessories make the outfit. The same concept is true for your apartment. Lamps, candles, vases, and other decor can be found nearly anywhere in the city. We recommend going vintage and finding pieces no one else can covet. Try antique shops or refurbishing family air looms. Don’t have a keen eye for interior decorating? Don’t worry, even the fashionably challenged can thrive with Pinterest and Etsy. Here’s one Pinterest board we love.

#2 Get Cozy

Nothing says comfort and luxury like an ultra soft, super snuggly blanket. Pop our Moderno Luxury Blanket on your bed or couch for an instant pop of comfort. This cozy piece will make your guests feel right at home. With 5 colors to choose from, the Majestic Sherpa makes the perfect accent piece, regardless of your color scheme.

#3 Make your bed your sanctuary

We spend a third of our time on this planet sleeping, you should make that time count. Make sure your bed is as comfy as possible with our Martano 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets. If you want to get extra personal, add a monogram for a nice touch. With over 25 colors to choose from, you can coordinate with all your throws and comforters. But, don’t forget the pillows, your bed is more than just a place to lay your head. Try our Fresco Infused Memory Foam Pillow to make your ZZZ’s come quick and easy.

#4 Add a personal touch

Urban sophistication can mean embracing a minimalistic décor, or covering your apartment in different types of eclectic design. No matter what you do, add a touch of your personality. Nothing says sophistication like knowing yourself. Whether its funky frames of all your latest travels, or quirky animal statues, embrace you in your decor

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